Program Requirements

All appointments are subject to NEI approval.


If appointed, predoctoral trainees must:

  1. Publish high quality research papers detailing their vision research. 
  2. Participate in graduate-level courses NPB261A and NPB261B, which cover molecular, cellular, systems, cognitive and clinical vision science. 
  3. Attend Faculty Fireside Chats, held once per quarter at a faculty member’s home in the evening to discuss careers, training opportunities, ethics, rigor and reproducibility and other training-relevant topics.
  4. Participate in trainee chalk talks during which trainees informally present their research advances and challenges.
  5. Attend the annual UCD Center for Visual Sciences Symposium held in early January.
  6. Utilize annual Individualized Development Plans and annual meetings with the T32 mentor for the remainder of the time until degree conferral.
  7. Provide an annual report listing your publications, professional development activities, and future plans.

Faculty Trainers

Our Program supports high-level research of vision faculty by creating a framework for cross-disciplinary interactions and collaborations. All T32 Faculty Trainers:

  1. Are full-time faculty engaged in vision or vision-related research.
  2. Possess sufficient research funding to support a vibrant research training environment.
  3. Have an excellent training record and are in good standing with their affiliated graduate programs.
  4. Utilize IDPs and other NIH-mandated training documentation and share them annually with the T32 Advisory Committee.
  5. Provide necessary guidance to the trainee to ensure publications and degree completion remain on-track.
  6. Commitment to T32 Vision Training Program activities


Interested in becoming a T32 Faculty Trainer? Contact Theresa Geer (